Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's this? What's this?

Part of me is appalled that two weeks have passed and I haven't posted anything; but, another part of me is appalled that I feel compelled to detail the minutiae of Eames's constantly evolving world. He seems to be changing every day. He looks at things differently, discusses them earnestly, and continues to grow and grow and grow. However, I also know that I'm probably the only one interested in the amount of drool that comes out of this kid or the new sound that he's obsessed with.
What's this?
So, when he discovered his hand, I kept quiet even though watching him stare at his hand as he slowly turned it and inspected it from different angles before finally deciding that, yes, this too belonged in his mouth was the better part of my day for a solid week. In fact, everything at this point belongs in his mouth, so when he recently discovered that, like the hands that grace the ends of his arms, he has feet on the ends of his legs, I was curious to see what he would do given the my particular genetic limitation.
I can't believe my eyes!
Turns out that in true Luedtke fashion, feet are things to be touched (kind of) but will never, ever make it to the mouth. I've got to give Eames some credit, though. For one of us, he is surprisingly limber, especially with the bulk of his diaper impeding his range of motion. I'm pretty sure he can thank his father for that.
Wake up, Eames, this isn't fair!
So, while finding your feet might be a little thing, I'm with Eames on this one...it's completely enthralling and worthy of contemplating from as many different angles as our flexibility (or lack thereof) allows.

Lyrics (captions) courtesy of Danny Elfman.


Georgie said...

One of these days it'll be his...um...yeah :-)

Also, everyday is an adjective. It means mundane, ordinary. If something happens every day, it's two words.

And: I am still obsessed with my feet. I could probably get them in my mouth, but now that I'm an adult and know how gross that is, I tend to skip it!

thedalyn said...

Ok, grammar police. It's fixed.

dan said...

good to read, and good pics

veganboyjosh said...

i took these pictures!

(why else would they be so bad?)